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The healthpsych™ Health Psychology web site contains information and viewpoints about the interaction of psychological and medical conditions (or psychomedical disorders). This includes information about psychological difficulties that can be caused by medical conditions, as well as psychological factors which can complicate or delay recovery from medical conditions. This information may have implications for the fields of :

In addition, the healthpsych web site also is intended to be a forum where persons of various professions can exchange information about their points of view. Is hoped that this information will stimulate further thought about the assessment and treatment of patients with psychomedical disorders.


An APA Website of the Month

The American Psychological Association's Monitor newspaper stated that the healthpsych website is:

"Designed as an informational and practical tool for health psychologists, this site contains articles, viewpoints and professional tips for health psychologists working in medical and rehabilitation settings. Feature articles cover such topics as psychological assessment of medical patients. This site also contains such practical information as questions to address in health psychology evaluation. Professionals in a variety of fields, including occupational medicine, physical therapy and risk management may find relevant information on this site."

APA Monitor, April, 1998, page 7.



The healthpsych webmaster is Daniel Bruns, PsyD. Dr. Bruns is a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado, and has practiced in the field of health psychology since 1985. Dr. Bruns is a coauthor (along with Dr. Mark Disorbio) of the BHI, BHI 2 and BBHI 2, which are psychological tests for medical patients.