Pain Patient Profile (P-3®) Information


C. David Tollison, PhD and Jerry C. Langley, DC

The Pain Patient Profile test (P-3) is a 44-item, self-report, multiple-choice instrument designed to help identify patients who are experiencing emotional distress associated with primary complaints of pain. The P-3 assessment is designed for patients suffering pain as a result of physical trauma (e.g., motor vehicle accidents and work-related injuries), disease, or illness.

The P-3 assessment has three clinical scales: Depression, Anxiety, and Somatization. The format of the each item on the test offers the patient the opportunity to chose between three different options. In addition, a Validity Index is included that assesses the probability of random responding, inadequate reading comprehension, and magnification of symptoms.

An important feature of the P-3 is that it was normed on both pain patients, and normal persons in the community as well. By using both specific (the pain patients) and more general (the community subjects) reference groups, this double norming process enables a test to answer more types of questions than can a test normed on only a single population.

About the Authors

C. David Tollison obtained his PhD in clinical psychology and biological psychology with an emphasis in psychopharmacology from the University of Georgia. He interned at the Medical College of Georgia. Prior to his current position as founder and director of the Greenville (South Carolina) Hospital System Center for Health and Occupational Services, Dr. Tollison was director and president of Pain Therapy Centers, a hospital corporation that developed and managed nine hospital-based pain treatment programs in the eastern and midwestern United States. He is the author of over 30 scientific articles and 12 book chapters on pain diagnosis and treatment. He has also written or edited 9 textbooks. Dr. Tollison serves as associate clinical professor at the Medical College at Georgia and is a visiting professor in the Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceutical Laboratories Visiting Professor Program.

 Jerry C. Langley graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1974 with a degree in social and behavioral science. He is a 1979 graduate of Life Chiropractic College. Dr. Langley is currently in private practice in Greenville, South Carolina. He contributed a chapter on the use of spinal manipulation in the treatment of low back pain to The Handbook of Chronic Pain Management. Dr. Langley has frequently lectured on the subject of spinal disabilities for the South Carolina Industrial Commission. He recently gave a lecture on spinal manipulation in the treatment of back pain to the American Academy of Pain Management.

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