Scales of the BBHI™ 2

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Scales of the BBHI 2

Defensiveness (DEF)

The Defensiveness scale assesses the tendency of a patient to bias information in either a positive or negative light. This may be a conscious or unconscious tendency.

Somatic Complaints (SOM)

This scale assesses a tendency towards diffuse physical complaints, which are often associated with stress and somatoform disorders.

Pain Complaints (PAIN)

The 0-10 pain scale is commonly used, but the BHI 2's version of this is the first one to be nationally validated. This scale assesses pain in ten areas of the body.

Functional Complaints (FNC) This scale assesses limitations in the ability to function, in the form of self-perceptions of disability and handicap.

Depression (DEP)

Assesses characteristics of depression including feelings of loss or grief around health problems, and perceived helplessness.

Anxiety (ANX)

Measures a tendency to worry, especially about physical symptoms.

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