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Presurgical Psychological Evaluations:

The Science of Patient Selection

Webinars and CE Training Pertaining to BHI 2 Use

On line CE credits for the evaluation of medical patients offers extensive, high quality information about presurgical psychological evalutions, preparing patients for surgery, and psychological treatments for medical patients.

    The information is free; You pay for the CE credits. Approved by the American Psychological Association, and by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation Medical Unit to provide Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) continuing education credits

Presurgical/Pretreatment Evaluations

BBHI 2 Training

General BHI 2 Information

This information is exerpted from the BHI 2 manual. Reprinted with permission

Bridging the Gap Articles on the BHI: Psychologists discuss the practice of psychological assessment in medical settings, and the use of the BHI

The Interaction of Mind and Body in Injury and Illness.

BHI 2 And General Psychological Assessment Topics

 Diagnosis Specific Norms for the 0-10 Pain Scale by Daniel Bruns PsyD, John Mark Disorbio EdD (last update 8/20/2000)

The Psychological Assessment of Persons with Diabetes Using the BHI by Daniel Bruns PsyD, John Mark Disorbio EdD (last update 2/2/99)

Psychological Profiles of Rehabilitation Patients Reporting Childhood Sexual Abuse by Daniel Bruns PsyD, John Mark Disorbio EdD (last update 1/22/99)

Violent Ideation in Medical Patients in Four Insurance Systems by Daniel Bruns PsyD, John Mark Disorbio EdD (last update 1/22/99)


Practical Matters

 The Interpretation of Double-Normed Tests: A Psychometric "Theory of Relativity" Daniel Bruns PsyD and John Mark Disorbio EdD: (last update 4/19/2004)

The Practitioner's Toolbox

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 For more information on the BBHI 2, including a sample report, consult the BHI 2 information on the Pearson Assessments web site.

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