Integrated Primary Care

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At a number of sites around the nation, psychologists are now primary care providers. Called "Integrated Primary Care", Kaiser Permanente of Northern California and The Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound have been leaders in this new way to deliver healthcare. The following articles address some of the details of these revolutionary changes.


Introduction to Integrated Primary Care

Psychologists as Primary Care Providers: A Paradigm Shift by Daniel Bruns 10/23/98 Why Did Kaiser Change? by Daniel Bruns 11/1/98

The Problem of Somatization by Daniel Bruns


The Implementation of Integrated Primary Care at Kaiser Permanente: An Interview with Dr. Roger Johnson 12/12/98

A Physician's View of Integrated Primary Care: An Interview with Dr. Kevin Walsh 12/12/98

A Psychologist's View of Integrated Primary Care: An Interview with Dr. Corinne Giantonnio 12/12/98




Kaiser's Redesign of Primary Care: New Roles for Health Psychologists by Steve Tulkin and John Guzman 2/15/99 Understanding the Opportunities of Integrated Primary Care by Daniel Bruns and Roger Johnson 2/15/99 Comments on Integrated Primary Care by Kevin Masters 4/17/99 Medical Treatment, Moral Dilemmas, and Integrated Primary Care by Daniel Bruns 4/17/99

A Response to Dr. Masters by Roger Johnson 6/24/99

A British-American psychologist on core assumptions of managed healthcare and suggestions for clinical program development by Jay Skidmore 6/24/99


Books on Integrated Primary Care