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The BBHI 2 Approach to the Conceptualization of Biospychosocial Pain Disorders

    • This article first appeared in Practical Pain Management, November/December 2005, volume 5, issue 7, and is reprinted here with permission.

    Using the BBHI 2 for the Assessment and Treatment of Chronic Pain

    • This article first appeared in Practical Pain Management, March 2006, volume 6, issue 2, and is reprinted here with permission.
  • BBHI 2 Scales

    Glossary Of Terms Related To The Psychological Evaluation Chronic Pain

    Bridging the Gap Articles on the BBHI: Physicians discuss the value of the psychological assessment of patients, and the use of the BBHI

    General Psychological Assessment

    Diagnosis Specific Norms for the 0-10 Pain Scale by Daniel Bruns PsyD, John Mark Disorbio EdD (last update 8/20/2000)


    Practical Matters

    National Guidelines for the Psychological Assessment and Treatment of the Injured Person by Daniel Bruns,PsyD and Kevin J. Gaffney, PsyD (last update 4/30/98)

    The Interpretation of Double-Normed Tests: A Psychometric "Theory of Relativity" Daniel Bruns PsyD and John Mark Disorbio EdD: (last update 4/19/2004)

    Find More Information

    For more information on the BBHI 2, including a sample report, consult the BBHI 2 information on the Pearson Assessments web site.

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